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Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the joy of discovery and learning we see in very young children would continue throughout every day of each student’s life?  Awakening Brilliance will take you from the way school often is for many students today, to the wonderful way it could be for them tomorrow. The solutions in Awakening Brilliance are very powerful, yet amazingly simple. Awakening Brilliance shows us how to stop the cycle of defeat that is perpetuated in most schools. Many of the problems you will read about in this story are often accepted as a natural part of the educational process. But it’s these problems that must be challenged and changed, if we want children to develop the feelings of self-worth they need to become confident, responsible, lifelong learners.              Awakening Brilliance weaves true teacher-student experiences into a fictionalized story that takes you on a journey of discovery.  Jane Madison is the new principal of East County Public School. We learn immediately in the first chapter of the many problems Jane is experiencing with both her teachers and students.  Jane became a principal to make a difference in children’s lives. She wants to improve the situation at East County but, by Spring Break, she is frustrated and disillusioned by her inability to change teachers’ attitudes or improve student success. Jane is consoled by her mentor, Bill Carson, principal of the junior high, who tells her that change takes years. He’s been trying for thirteen.             On Spring Break, Jane leaves for the Florida Keys to try and forget about the problems at her school. On her first day in the Keys she rents a jet ski. She runs out of gas far from shore. Rescued by a stranger named Charlie, Jane, suffering from sunstroke, is taken to the home of Charlie’s friend, Sarah.              Sarah, is a retired teacher, who at one time was awarded a plaque engraved, “To A Great Teacher”, and signed by hundreds of her former students. It is here, during Jane’s developing friendship with Sarah, that Jane learns how to awaken her students’ brilliance. Sarah shows Jane how the habitual thinking of Jane and her teachers is limiting their students’ chances of success.              Through her conversations with Sarah, Jane’s beliefs begin to change and shift towards a new understanding of children’s emotional and academic needs.             At the end of Spring Break, Jane returns to her school knowing what she needs to do. She is ready and determined to succeed. During the next three months, we watch as Jane transforms her school from a complaining, hostile, unpleasant environment to a joyful, exciting place to teach and learn.              As East County Public School becomes a place where students want to be and are succeeding, the principals from the junior high and high school seek Jane’s help to mentor their teachers.              Through the character of Jane Madison, Awakening Brilliance demonstrates how unpleasant, demoralizing schools can become wonderful places that look after students' emotional issues, improve their academic skills and convert them into lifelong learners.              Awakening Brilliance shows how integral a part educators and parents play in helping children develop their feelings of self-worth. And in today’s world, how children view themselves is very important, for it’s these feelings of self-worth that affect how they will succeed now and in the future.              Awakening Brilliance is a story written with a deep sensitivity for what children need. It’s an engaging tale, yet it’s also a wake-up call for change in our schools and shows us what can happen in schools that care. Awakening Brilliance needs to be a part of every school's quest for positive change.  Is there a difference between a “good” teacher and a “great” teacher? Yes. A good teacher teaches students to read, write and do math. A great teacher relates to the whole student – mind, body and soul. Great teachers have the ability to be non-judgmental and supportive to all the students placed in their care.
Who Should Buy Awakening Brilliance?   Anyone who wants their children to succeed in school. Educators, parents, grandparents, care-givers and students will all benefit. If you have been to school, are going to school or have children in school, you must read this book. “Awakening Brilliance is a gift to the children of the world and those who teach and those who care for them.”  Peter Kline, author of The Everyday Genius Pamela Sims is a Winner of the Athena Award for Excellence in Mentoring in Education.
How to Inspire Children to Become Successful Learners by Pamela Sims, M.Ed.
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