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Book Reviews  "A phenomenal book" -    Dr. Jay Smink, Executive Director, National Dropout Prevention Center "Awakening Brilliance is a gift to the children of the world and those who teach and those who care for them." -    Peter Kline, author of The Everyday Genius "An inspiring, wise and very practical book. I couldn't put it down." -    Martin Rutte, Co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work "Awakening Brilliance is a rare book that speaks to both the heart and the mind. You will revel in its insights." -    Laurence M. Lieberman, Ed.D., Consultant, Author, Speaker "This unique book is sure to inspire teachers to bring this positive model of education into their own classrooms." -    Bobbi DePorter, President, Learning Forum-SuperCamp and Author of Quantum Learning "Bravo! A powerful story that can change lives. Every parent should buy two - one for themselves and one for their child's teacher." -    Ken Vegotsky, Parent and Author of The Ultimate Power "Awakening Brilliance is an awakening as to what is really happening in schools that no longer meet the needs of today's child." -    Jeannette Vos, Ed.D., Co-author of The Learning Revolution "An excellent hands-on resource for teachers or anyonewho cares about children." -    Richard M. Evans, Executive Director,National Family Partnership "Awakening Brilliance should be required reading for any teacher or parent who is committed to increasing the quality of young people's lives." -    John Rainforth, Ph.D.,Counselor "Awakening Brilliance is an insightful, uplifting 'wake up' call for transformation in our schools." -    Brian M. Morrissey, Author of Ultimate Learning States "Awakening Brilliance is a thought-provoking introduction to the real world of life in schools. It provides both insights, hope and is highly readable." -    Ronald W. Common, Ph.D., Professor, Faculty of Education "A great student-centered approach with a lot of heart." -    Eric Jensen, Author of SuperTeaching "An entertaining story and superb teaching for us all to learn how to create the   relationships that are at the center of the emerging new paradigm in education." -    Sander Feinberg, Executive Director, Enthusiasm for Learning Foundation "An easy, quick read, for the beginning or veteran teacher, that illustrates effective teaching philosophy and practice."  -    Wayne Cross, Superintendent of Schools "You teach? Read the book. Do what it says... your students will love you for it!"  -    Yvonne Jackson, Principal "For teachers who 'teach the curriculum' it offers strategies they can explore to convince them of the power of the hidden curriculum." -    Susan M. Drake, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Faculty of Education "Awakening Brilliance is a thoughtful, timely reminder for educators and others to reawaken their commitment and compassion for children." -    Sam Karani, M.Sc., Psycho-Educational Consultant "Whether you went to school, are still in school, or teach school, this book will touch your heart and soul."  -    Reva Nelson, Speaker, former Teacher, Author of Risk It! "To re-ignite one's passion for teaching, the reading of this book is a must."  -    Sandra Starr, Ed.D., ADHD Researcher & Drug-Free Program Developer "An uplifting story that reawakened and reaffirmed my commitment to teaching."  -    Joanne Crossman, M.Ed., Teacher-Librarian "An outstanding book for parents and teachers! Use this book to create a safe and happy environment at home and at school, and just watch your children 'awaken their brilliance.' " - Roberta Tobey, Parent of six children "A riveting read, presented with a depth of love and caring for our children. A compelling paradigm for living all of life, far beyond the classroom." -    Mike Halporn, Entrepreneur "Awakening Brilliance shows through a 'coaching model' ways that we can help adults learn how to take the higher road with children."  -    Tom Stoyan, Canada's Sales Coach "Pamela's book is a leap into the future of education. It challenges the system, and  ourselves as human beings. A must for everyone involved in education."  -    Normand Deslandes, Speaker and Life Coach "It's crucial for educators to use this book as a reference to increase communication, respect and caring in their schools. Parents should read this book to become knowledgeable about the positive difference aware educators can make in their children's lives."  -    Danielle Holton, Parent of three boys "Teachers are in a position of public trust and it's refreshing to see in Awakening Brilliance a return to a system where teachers are dedicated and care about their students instead of proficiency test scores."  -    Dave Sneed, Supervisor "I hope educators will read this book and rediscover how people learn and apply that understanding to empower them to teach effectively."  -    Karen Levy, Youth Education Director "There is a lot to learn from this book."  -    Mary Armstrong, MSW, CSW, Social Work Psychotherapist "An enlightening book on how to walk through life inspired instead of defeated."  -    Jody Stoyan, Business Manager "A great book about making learning exciting.This book is exciting. A must read for all."  -    Danniel Star, Counselor and Speaker
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