Improve Academics! Prevent Dropouts! Ignite the Love of Learning! "A phenomenal book" -Dr. Jay Smink, Executive Director, National Dropout Prevention Center   "Inspiring, wise and very practical" -Martin Rutte, Co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work "Awakening Brilliance" is inspiring and practical. It weaves true teacher-student experiences into a fictionalized story that convinces us of the need to change the way students are treated in school. It emphasizes students' need to belong and shows how schools can look after students' emotional issues, improve their academic skills and convert them into lifelong learners. The "How to' section contains all the information from the story for easy reference.
Ten Things You Need to Know About Pamela Sims   Winner of the Athena Award for Excellence in Mentoring in Education. Winner of the Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario  Women's Writer's Award of Notable Excellence and Achievement. Expert panelist on child development at UNICEF's State of the World Children's Forum at the UN. Educational speaker and motivator. Host of  the radio talk show, 'For the Love of Kids'. Educational Web Site Columnist for Comcast Cable TV Thirty years of hands-on experience as an educator. Masters degree in educational administration. Specialist in special education.  Works internationally with teachers, parents, students and businesses.
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